Does the Past Still Exist, Dark Matter, and Other Mind-Blowing Topics with Physicist Sabine Hossenfelder, Ph.D.

This week’s episode features renowned physicist Sabine Hossenfelder, Ph.D., author most recently of the book “Existential Physics” and creator of the popular YouTube channel, “Science Without the Gobbledygook.”

In this week’s episode, we discuss a range of fascinating, mind-blowing topics such as:

– “Does the past still exist?”,  “Was the universe made for us?”, and why, in Dr. Hossenfelder’s words, science is first an inspiration, not merely a profession.

– What led Dr. Hossenfelder to start “Science without the Gobbledygook?”, her popular YouTube channel, which has 514,000 subscribers and counting 

 – In discussing the many topics in the episodes on her channel –  quantum physics, the expansion of the universe, and Einstein’s theories of relativity, to name a few – what Dr. Hossenfelder means when she says she’ll make her explanations as simple as possible, “but not any simpler” and whether she considers oversimplification a problem in  communicating about science to general audiences 

– The approach and principles Dr. Hossenfelder uses as she goes about explaining these topics – in many ways translating them into terms and concepts that are more relatable to the public at large

– Generally speaking, how effective Dr. Hossenfelder thinks government authorities have been in communicating to the public about major science-focused topics such as COVID, climate change, and more recently, monkeypox 

– As a physicist deeply exploring and explaining topics as abstract as “Does the Past Still Exist?” (one of her YouTube episodes watched on her channel more than 1.2 million times) how Dr. Hossenfelder thinks about her own future and her own definition of “free will”

Resources Mentioned in the Episode

Existential Physics, By Sabine Hossenfelder, Ph.D.

Science Without The Gobbledygook YouTube Channel