Effective, Memorable Communication with New York Times Best-Selling Author Michael Port

This week’s guest is Michael Port, best-selling author, actor, and co-founder of Heroic Public Speaking. We discuss a range of communication and career topics, such as:

– How to effectively manage transitions in your professional life

– As an author, actor, and professional speaker, the weaknesses Michael has noticed in public health communications about COVID

– How to communicate complexity so even someone without any background in the topic can understand, enjoy, and remember the speech 

– Michael’s thoughts on embracing the importance of skilled communication for scientists

– What led Michael to write “The Referable Speaker’, its major themes and take-aways, and how it fits in the “Port Pantheon” of best-selling books

– As an author of 9 best-selling books, what Michael has learned about the writing process that would be useful for other writers aiming to get their research published

Resources mentioned in the episode

Heroic Public Speaking

The Referable Speaker

Steal the Show