Gen Z Focused Entrepreneurship with Alexandra Debow and Weilyn Chong

On this week’s episode, Alexandra Debow and Weilyn Chong, active, international entrepreneurs also pursuing their undergraduate studies, discuss a range of topics related to starting and nurturing new ventures, including:

– Why they’re so passionate about entrepreneurship 

– Skills and attributes they think are crucial for successful entrepreneurs 

– How they would recommend those interested in entreprepreneurship develop or sharpen these skills 

– Some of the hurdles they’ve experienced as Gen Z female entrepreneurs, and how their work with the The Entrepre女ers Network and The Entrepre女ers Podcast aim to help female entrepreneurs overcome these and related obstacles 

– Their cross-cultural environments – both personally and professionally – and advice they have for those who don’t have such a global perspective – in terms of how to increase mutual understanding across borders on a personal level and also how to succeed in enterprises that have cross-cultural workforces 

– How they see COVID affecting entrepreneurship, particularly for entrepreneurs working across borders

– Goals they have for 2022 

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