Identifying and Improving Your Leadership Style Through Music with Paula S. White

This week’s episode features Paula S. White, author of Side B: Remix Your Leadership Style, who helps individuals unleash their natural skills and behaviors to bring their whole selves into their role and leave a legacy impactful to the people they serve.

We discus a range of leadership issues, including:

How using an approach to motivate, encourage, or persuade that relies exclusively on data and quantitative information overlooks a crucial dimension driving how people make decisions and what to include along with facts and data to more effectively make your points. 

A story from Paula’s corporate career illustrating the perils of managing by data analytics alone

Her book “Side B: Remix Your Leadership Style” that addresses these topics and more

Why, in her book and coaching work, Paula uses music as a metaphor for leadership styles and how she incorporates music into her approach with coaching clients

The key components, in addition to empathy, we should think about when it comes to surfacing and applying our own Emotional Intelligence

How you could identify EQ elements in you own persona and activate them in your interactions with others

One thing Paula recommends listeners could do today to make progress on their own journey to a more keen awareness and regular use of their Emotional Intelligence

Resources mentioned in the episode

Side B: Remix Your Leadership Style

Paula S. White, Side B Consulting