Navigating Challenging Career Transitions with Katherine Sugarman, M.D.

How to make effective transitions in your professional life?

Making transitions – from academia to industry, from one job role to another, from Ph.D. to Postdoc – can be challenging to navigate.

This week’s episode of When Science Speaks (link in comments) features Katherine Sugarman, M.D., a physician with more than 25 years of patient care and executive pharmaceutical experience in oncology, global regulatory affairs, global medical affairs, and related areas.

During this week’s epsiode, we discuss a range of career issues, such as: 

– How to approach major decisions that can alter your direction in life
– The first time Katie made a radical change in the course of her life as an undergrad at Harvard University.

– Why change can be so frightening and how to manage fear of the unknown and leaving behind the familar

– How Katie approaches such high-stakes decisions

– The scariest career change Katie has made in her professional trajectory

– Katie’s best advice to someone wrestling with a major career choice