Navigating Transitions: Insights from Aditya Mahara, Ph.D. on Science and Industry Shifts

Introduction: Welcome to the When Science Speaks podcast. In this episode, Mark is joined by Aditya Mahara, a seasoned senior product manager in the health tech industry. Aditya shares his insights on transitioning from Nepal to the US, the importance of discomfort in personal growth, and the significance of clear communication in the biomedical field.

Aditya’s Transition to the US: Aditya reflects on his journey from Nepal to the US, emphasizing the value of discomfort in his growth process. He shares relatable nuggets applicable to various life transitions, including academic and industry shifts.

The Power of Uncomfortable Moments: Aditya highlights how discomfort has consistently driven his growth, whether adapting to a new country or transitioning between academic and industry environments. He encourages embracing discomfort as a catalyst for personal and professional development.

Discovering a Passion for Physics: Aditya traces his love for science back to high school, where he defied societal expectations to pursue his passion for physics. He emphasizes the universal nature of physics, transcending cultural boundaries.

The Influence of Teachers: Mark and Aditya discuss the impact of teachers on their respective journeys. Aditya shares his positive experience with professors at Rollins College, underscoring their role in shaping his academic path.

Biomedical Engineering and Effective Communication: The conversation shifts to the unique communication skills of biomedical engineers. Aditya suggests that the interdisciplinary nature of the field fosters strong communicators who can bridge the gap between different stakeholders.

Communication in Academia vs. Industry: Aditya contrasts communication in academia, where expertise tends to be highly specialized, with the business-oriented approach in industry. He emphasizes the need for clear, generalizable communication when multiple disciplines collaborate.

Aditya’s 2023 Reflection and Goals: Aditya reflects on his accomplishments in 2023, touching on family, full-time work, and side projects. He shares his experiences with his growing toddler, professional development as a product manager, and the unexpected success of his industry transition support venture.

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