On the Lookout for Success with Elaine Eisenman, Ph.D.

In this week’s episode, Elaine Eisenman, Ph.D., a seasoned independent Board member, senior executive, educator, and advisor to high growth companies, joins the show to talk about managing the seismic changes affecting work during the pandemic, productive mindsets she’s put to use during the many transition points in her professional journey, and related topics such as:

What drew her to focus on entrepreneurship and organizational psychology

The fascinating transition points in her career journey so far and the lessons she has learned from them – skills and mindsets that were helpful in making successful transitions and also landmines to be vigilant about and avoid, if possible

The book she published with with her co-authors in 2007 called“I Didn’t See It Coming”, which covered topics such as: “Managing the Rank above You”, “The Trouble with Teams”, and “The House of Mirrors, or How to Keep Your Perspective” and a few major takeaways from the book Her book in 2019, co-authored with Susan Stautberg, called “Betrayed: A Survivor’s Guide To Lying, Cheating, & Double Dealing”, with more than fifty true stories of betrayal – the purpose being to learn how to successfully handle the trauma, overcome the urge for quick revenge, consider the possibilities of forgiveness, and most importantly, set a positive path into the future. Recommendations Elaine has for listeners who are trying to navigate shifting circumstances in the world of work, either within an organization or outside as a job seeker

How Elaine sees the rapidly changing working world changing in the future, both for individual contributors at organizations and for their leaders