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Entrepreneurship from Brazil to the White House with Fabricio F. Costa, PhD

Fabricio F. Costa, PhD is a science and technology expert, seasoned business strategist, and serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in top academic labs and companies...

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Seeding and Supporting Early-Stage Biotech Companies with Xontogeny CEO Chris Garabedian

In this episode, Mark talks with Chris Garabedian, Chairman and CEO of Xontogeny, which he founded in 2016 to support multiple promising technologies from early development through clinical proof...

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Successful Startups with Serial Entrepreneur and VC Vinit Nijhawan

Vinit Nijhawan is Managing Director of MassVentures, the first public venture capital fund in the U.S., funding early stage, high growth Massachusetts companies for more than 40 years. In...

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How to Cure the U.S. Health Care System with Brad Spellberg, MD

Dr. Brad Spellberg is a  polymath. He’s simultaneously a Chief Medical Officer, of a major medical center, Professor of Medicine, medical researcher, practicing clinician, founder-entrepreneur, and  author of multiple...

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Innovation in 7 Languages with Ester Caffarel-Salvador, PhD

In this episode, Mark and Ester Caffarel-Salvador, PhD discuss her research on transdermal patches, career transitions, mentoring, and other issues, including:   Ester’s experience with the Impact mentoring program,...

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Talking Politics and Policy with Executive Director of the LBJ Policy School Washington Center’s Bill Shute

In today’s episode, Mark talks with Bill Shute, a highly experienced government relations executive, strategic advisor, podcast creator/host, graphic designer, and author. During his 30 years of leadership, Bill...

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