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Transitioning into a Career in Data Science and AI with Abhijit Sanyal, PhD

  When shifting from academics to the corporate business world you, need to have a mindset shift that requires you to step out of the Ivory Tower and take...

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Rutgers’ COVID-19 Response

Rutgers University, founded in 1766 as one of the original colonial colleges, played the first ever US style gridiron football game against in-state Ivy league rival Princeton University in...

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Experiential Learning as a Service with Leah Davidson 

  How do you bridge the gap between students who do not have the necessary experience and network that will help them get hired after college and companies who...

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U-Delaware’s Design and Engineering Ingenuity with Jenni Buckley, PhD and Whitney Sample

Working in close collaboration at the University of Delaware’sDesign Studio, Co-Directors Whitney Sample &Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Jenni Buckley, PhDhave established a partnership based on mutual admirationand respect....

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Distilling and Sharing Science on Social Media with Austin Lee Chiang, MD, MPH

There are certain clinical nuances in medical and/or scientific communication that gets lost in translation when communications professionals without background on the subject are left to relay these messages...

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Georgia Tech’s Inventive Responses to PPE Shortage with Chris Saldana, PhD

The Georgia Institute of Technology is a Top 5 ranked national public research university. More commonly known as Georgia Tech, the school has long been considered one of the...

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Georgia Tech’s Inventive Responses to PPE Shortage with Chris Saldana, PhD

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