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How to Change Anyone’s Mind with Author of “The Catalyst” Jonah Berger, PhD

In this episode, I discuss the roots and applications of effective, authentic persuasion with Wharton Business School professor and New York TimesĀ best-selling author Jonah Berger, PhD, including topics such...

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From Venture Capital to Growth Marketing with Jessica Li – Parts 1 and 2

In this week’s 2-part episode, Mark talks with Jessica Li, who has a range of experience in VC, content development, and growth marketing. Mark and Jessica discuss a range...

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Global Venture Catalyst’s Real-World Innovation in a Virtual Environment with Mike Grandinetti and Iklaq Sidhu, PhD

Mike Grandinetti and Dr. Ikhlaq Sidhu first appeared on the show in November 2020 to discuss their plans and the then-upcoming launch of the Global Venture Catalyst (GVC) platform...

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From Biochemistry PhD to Professional Development with Chiara Bertipaglia, PhD

Dear Listeners: Please note the reference to the “current administration” refers to the Trump administration, which was operative when this interview was recorded. On this episode of “When Science...

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Impact Investing with Jaishree Singh, MSPH

In this episode, Mark and his guest, Jaishree Singh, discuss a range of issues related to impact investing, including: How Jaishree got involved in this dynamic, meaningful field, and...

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How Scientists Can Impact Public Policy with Congressional Deputy Chief of Staff Jeremy Marcus

Note for listeners: This week’s episode with Jeremy Marcus, Deputy Chief of Staff and Legislative Director for U.S. Congressman Matt Cartwright of Pennsylvania, was recorded in September 2020, prior...

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