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Maximizing Mentor Relationships with Bill Mahoney, Ph.D.

In this episode of ‘When Science Speaks, host Mark Bayer talks with Bill Mahoney, Ph.D., Associate Dean of Student and Postdoctoral Affairs at the University of Washington. The discussion...

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Unlocking Entrepreneurial Success: From Whitewater Kayaking to High-Stakes Startups with Gerrit McGowan

In this episode of When Science Speaks, Mark talks with Gerrit McGowan, a lifelong entrepreneur and former competitive whitewater kayaker.    Gerrit shares valuable insights on overcoming networking dread,...

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Integrating Physical Activity into Busy Lives with Dr. Amy Bantham

In this episode, host Mark Bayer welcomes Dr. Amy Bantham, CEO and founder of Move to Live More, to discuss practical ways to incorporate physical activity into our hectic...

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Engineering Excellence and Effective Communication: Insights from Monique Mills

Episode Summary: In this episode of “When Science Speaks,” host Mark Bayer welcomes Monique Mills, an engineer renowned for her exceptional science communication skills. Monique shares her unique journey...

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From Tenure to Tech: How Ginger Lockhart, Ph.D. Transformed Academic Skills into Startup Success

Episode Summary: This week, host Mark Bayer sits down with Ginger Lockhart, Ph.D. founder of Quantfish, to delve into the world of startups and career transitions. Ginger shares her...

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From Code to Content: How You Can Achieve Your Engineering Career Goals with Jordan Cutler

This week’s episode features Jordan Cutler. Jordan is the author of the widely popular High Growth Engineer Newsletter, reaching over 50,000 subscribers. He’s also a respected course instructor and a...

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Each episode has 2-3 ‘Science Shorts’ -give you some easy-to-digest science in under 5 minutes!

Here are some highlights

Joe Shrand, MD
Outsmarting Anger
Dorie Clark
Why she wrote “The Long Game”
Susanna Katsmann
Self-Limiting Beliefs
Seema Yasmin, M.D
Epidemics and Infogemics

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