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Debunking Misinformation with Seema Yasmin, M.D.

  Seema Yasmin, M.D. is a medical doctor, poet, professor, and professional debunker. She’s Director of the Stanford Center for Health Communication and a clinical assistant professor in the...

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Overcoming “Overwhelm” and Impostor Syndrome with Rebecca Zucker

  In this week’s episode, Rebecca Zucker, an experienced and respected coach working with C-suite executives and other senior leaders across the globe at clients such as Amazon, Clorox,...

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The Long Game and “Optimizing for Interesting” with Dorie Clark

On this special episode of When Science Speaks, award-winning executive coach, leading author and international keynote speaker Dorie Clark shares insights from her just-released book, The Long Game. –...

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Crafting Fascinating Stories of the Stars with Kimberly Arcand, Ph.D.

This week’s episode features Kimberly Arcand, Ph.D., Visualization Scientist and Emerging Technology Lead at the Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian. We discuss a range of topics related...

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The Brain Science for Dealing with Disruption with Adriana Vela

  On this week’s episode, Adriana Vela, a multiple award-winning market and technology trends expert, strategist, entrepreneur, and certified business and leadership coach, shares her insights about disruptive change...

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“Muddy Boots” Science Policy with University of Idaho’s Katherine Himes, Ph.D.

  On this week’s episode, Dr. Katherine Himes, Director of the University of Idaho’s McClure Center for Public Policy Research, shares her expertise in science diplomacy, international development, public...

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Here are some highlights

Joe Shrand, MD
Outsmarting Anger
Dorie Clark
Why she wrote “The Long Game”
Susanna Katsmann
Self-Limiting Beliefs
Seema Yasmin, M.D
Epidemics and Infogemics

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