From Microsoft to Open Data Manager in Local Government with David Doyle

David Doyle is the author of a new book, “Ask What You Can Do”, a valuable resource for anyone thinking about entering public service, particularly local government and especially if you’re a scientist, engineer, or technologist coming from the private sector. 

David is a passionate believer in the power of data and technology to help us understand and solve the world’s biggest challenges. He’s fascinated by issues at the intersection of technology, data and public policy and generates new knowledge that he shares through public speaking, teaching, and writing. 

In this episode of the show, Mark and David discuss a range of topics, including:

  • The career growth and networking benefits of working in government
  • How gaining public and private sector experience can position you in the key role of translator between government and corporate decision-makers
  • Why David believes local government may be entering a prolonged phase of technological transformation.
  • How David thinks the leadership responsibilities performed by local governments during the pandemic will impact the pace of technology adoption in local government and also the level of interest of technologists in entering public service
  • The types of scientific and technology training that is particularly needed within local government and where in public service he sees exciting and meaningful career development opportunities for scientists and engineers

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