How to Succeed in Translational Science with Richard Nugent, JD

How to Succeed in Translational Science with Richard Nugent, JD

Richard Nugent is passionate about helping others make the most of their innovations. His expertise is Intellectual Property Strategy, Competitive Intelligence, IP Training, and related services.

On this episode of When Science Speaks, we discuss a range of issues related to translating science into the commercial realm, including;

– Richard’s methodology for working with PhDs and researchers to help them translate their ideas and innovations into commercial products

– Some of the common challenges he finds that can trip up scientists as they work to make the journey through translational science

– Some examples of both successful translation to the marketplace and unsuccessful attempts 

– Certain attributes Richard has found during his long experience of working with scientists and their IP that are solid indicators a particular scientist or team is more likely to be successful – or not

– The kind of training Richard recommends for scientists interested in translational science to help them improve the likelihood of success

– Some of the blindspots inventors aren’t even aware of as they’re getting started in translational science

– One piece of advice Richard would give inventors interested in translational science

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