“Living Brave” Leadership with Performance Coach Guy Bloom

“Living Brave” Leadership with Performance Coach Guy Bloom

In this special episode, executive coach, team effectiveness consultant, author, and podcast host Guy Bloom explains his “Living Brave” approach, talks about his new book “Living Brave Leadership” and related performance topics such as:

  • What’s “Living Brave” leadership and how it can strengthen your own leadership muscles
  • How Guy went from a 4-time martial arts Hall of Famer to a winner of the UK’s Training Journal Magazine’s Best Leadership Program
  • How Guy enables leaders, teams and organizations to lead without the need for positional power
  • What Guy means by “Living Brave Leadership”, the term he coined to describe his leadership methodology
  • The types of services Guy delivers through his consulting firm
  • What Guy means by “Beating the Drum” within an organization until the organization resonates
  • How scientists – typically trained to follow the data – can be effective leaders
  • How does someone get the courage – particularly experts who know the facts and have the evidence – to speak up
  • What’s one thing listeners can do after the interview to start on the journey to “Living Brave”

Resources mentioned in the episode:

Living Brave Leadership, by Guy Bloom

Living Brave podcast featuring an interview with Mark Bayer

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