“Numbers Need a Narrative”: How to Structure Storytelling for Maximum Impact with Douglass and Lisa-Marie Hatcher

Douglass and Lisa-Marie Hatcher are the co-founders of communicate4IMPACT, a business storytelling training firm focused on helping businesspeople take what they do naturally (tell stories) and apply it to what they do professionally.

On this week’s episode, we explore a range of topics related to the power and structure of effective storytelling, including: 

What storytelling has to do with science, and what science has to do with storytelling

Whether there is room for storytelling in the world of data and analytics – where and how?

What makes a good story—the elements and structure all good stories have

Common missteps people make in telling stories

When you should recognize you may be veering off course in telling a story, and how to get back on track

Whether some people are naturally better at telling stories than others, and how Douglass and Lisa-Marie help everyone -regardless of innate ability (if it exists) – become a strong storyteller

Douglass’s and Lisa-Marie’s book Win With Decency the focus of the book and how it can help readers advance their careers

Resources mentioned in the episode

Win with Decency


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Douglass Hatcher

Lisa-Marie Hatcher

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