Overcoming “Overwhelm” and Impostor Syndrome with Rebecca Zucker

In this week’s episode, Rebecca Zucker, an experienced and respected coach working with C-suite executives and other senior leaders across the globe at clients such as Amazon, Clorox, Dropbox, and Google, among many others, discusses key career challenges, including:

Her own early career path and how she pivoted towards her true passion

The mission and focus of Next Step Partners, the leadership consulting firm at which Rebecca is a partner

An area of Rebecca’s expertise – how to cope with feeling overwhelmed – and some of the signals that might surface suggesting you’re experiencing overwhelm

Key strategies for helping listeners overcome and break out of circumstances that are overwhelming

“Impostor Syndrome”, which stalks many high-performers, and  similarities between overwhelm and Imposter Syndrome that could indicate ways of combatting overwhelm also may be an antidote to Imposter Syndrome

Other “anti-overwhelm” strategies that could be effective, particularly with the new workplace norms being cobbled together right now to deal with COVID

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