PassioInventa : Integrating the Human Experience to Communicate Science with PhD Students Jason Baer, Daniel Chapman, and Blaide Woodburn

Whether it’s finding the cure for leukemia or saving the riches of coral reefs, there is a person behind every new discovery. PassioInventa provides a space where scientists can discuss their research in an accessible way with non-scientists, dispel some of the myths surrounding what science is and is not, and humanize the people behind the lab coats.

As PhD students, Jay Baer, Daniel Chapman, and Blaide Woodburn founded PassioInventa to help scientists share their work through articles, videos, interviews, and more.

In this episode, Jay, Daniel, and Blaide discuss with Mark:

Why they are interested in science communication and science policy

  • What those categories and terms mean to them
  • Where the gaps are within current science communication and science policy training, and how their newly founded organization, PassionInventa, aims to address them
  • Their feelings about scientists getting involved in politics
  • What kind of reactions they have received from colleagues, mentors, PIs, about PassionInventa
  • What kinds of science communication and science policy tools they would you like to see available and how they would you like to be able to use them – i.e., in-person role-playing workshops, presentations, online courses, conferences
  • Where they see the greatest demand for learning science communication skills and where is there still resistance to learning these skills
  • How they plan to apply the skills they developed as PhDs
  • What advice they have for colleagues listening to this episode who want to get more involved in science policy

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