Science as a Startup with Nic DiPalma

Science as a Startup with Nic DiPalma

This week’s episode features Nic DiPalma, founder and CEO of SpacetimeLabs, a creative agency for science.

SpacetimeLabs develops advanced communications for science and research to connect with the public through art, design, and creativity.

Nic also is Principal and Executive Creative Director at Nic DiPalma Creative, which is a design consulting group focused on accelerating client creativity and building a culture for developing innovative ideas through web design, motion graphics, design systems, and training.

On today’s episode, we discuss:

SpacetimeLabs’ focus, which is particularly important these days, as communicating with the public about topics involving science – including the need for self-quarantines and business closures – has been a challenge.

Nic’s career journey and some of the key science communication lessons that stand out for him along the way¬†

Nic’s view on the importance of immersive experiences as a way both to communicate about science and also to build buy-in from listeners who may not accept scientific evidence supporting topics like climate change. 

As an expert science communicator, where Nic sees shortcomings or room for improvement in the way that scientific topics and issues are described to general audiences

How Nic’s philosophy, approach, and expertise gained through his career so far can be applied to improve communication about COVID-19

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