Women’s Leadership in Science and Entrepreneurship with Mary Phillips, PhD

Today’s episode features Mary Foley Phillips, PhD.

Mary’s mission is to empower women to take control of their destinies and make decisions according to their values, with the ultimate goal of growing the pipeline of strong women business leaders, women sitting on governance and scientific advisory boards, and women business mentors.

We discussed a range of topics, including:

– Mary’s leadership in her 500 Women Scientists chapter and her motivation for creating monthly pub talks on scientific topics. 

– What surprised her about the pub talks

– Why she thinks scientists are attracted to participate in these events and how she thinks participation has affected the way these scientists talk about their research to general audiences

– The reaction from patrons at the pub during the talks and whether they ask questions or engage at all

– As a leader in Research Development for many years, putting together teams to go after grants, for example, what common features Mary found across successful grant winners

– The lessons Mary feels she learned as a start-up founder, and what would she would do differently – if anything – were she to start another company in the future

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