Science, Communication, and Stand-Up Comedy with Adam Ruben, Ph.D.

This week’s episode features biologist, author, and stand-up comedian Adam Ruben, Ph.D.

We discuss issues related to science, comedy, and the importance of communication, including topics such as:

– How Adam developed and uses both his scientific and communication skills

– Whether he thinks all scientists should be able to clearly and crisply translate their work to general audiences without dumbing it down

– As a scientist now working as a molecular biologist and previously during other chapters of Adam’s academic and professional life, whether he was ever criticized or penalized for being such an active and exceptional communicator (Spoiler alert: “Yes”; and here’s what happened)

– How the field of science communication has changed since Adam first entered it more than 15 years ago

– Why Adam decided to launch a stand-up comedy career/hobby

– Adam’s two books, “Pinball Wizards” and “Stupid, Stupid Decision to Go To Grad School” – what led him to write each book, and their major themes for readers

– The best advice Adam ever received about communicating science to non-scientists, and more…

Resources mentioned in the episode

Stupid, Stupid Decision to Go To Grad School

Pinball Wizards