Science Policy and Science Communication with Neuroscientist and Science Writer Sheeva Azma

This week’s episode features science writer and science policy veteran Sheeva Azma, a neuroscientist who’s also a published author.

In this episode, we discuss a range of communication and policy topics, such as:

Sheeva’s professional journey from being a research assistant in neuroscience to a legislative intern in the U.S. Congress

How Sheeva made her own professional transition and some pitfalls to avoid she learned from that personal experience

What surprised Sheeva as she moved from the world of science to a policymaking environment and common misperceptions she encountered among her science colleagues about what it’s actually like to work in Congress

As a professional and published communicator as well as being, during a prior chapter in her career journey, a professional scientist, Sheeva’s early interest and experience in science, communication, and public policy

The digital and strategic communications company, Fancy Comma, LLC, that Sheeva founded

Her new book, Amplifying Science Communication with Public Relations, what motivated Sheeva to write the book and the major themes Sheeva wants her readers to take away from the book

The denigration, in some quarters of academic science, of the importance of science communication and Sheeva’s comment on this dynamic – in the past, present, and future   

Resources mentioned in the episode:

Fancy Comma, LLC

Amplifying Science Communication with Public Relations