Scientists and Social Change with Kelly Ramirez, Ph.D.

On this week’s episode, guest Kelly Ramirez, Ph.D., co-founder of the 15,000-member international organization 500 Women Scientists, and I discuss a range of topics related to the group’s social activism and priorities including:

The motivation for creating 500 Women Scientists – and the intention behind the name

The organization’s mission and vision

500 Women Scientists’ decentralized organizational model composed of local, grassroots chapters – or “pods” – acting with a great degree of autonomy from the national organization.

The relationship between the pods and the national office and the strategic thinking that drove adoption of the model
How listeners interested in connecting with a pod or even starting one in their local area, casn learn more 

Kelly’s recently published opinion piece in the March 4th issue of Nature Microbiology  entitled “Reproductive Justice Must Be Considered in the Scientific Community” and  the article’s main themes

The types of policies academic institutions should implement to support the principles of reproductive justice

As she and the leadership team look towards the future, what 500 Women Scientists’ priorities are for the rest of this year and beyond    

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Kelly Ramirez’s article in Nature Microbiology: