career transitions

From Tenure to Tech: How Ginger Lockhart, Ph.D. Transformed Academic Skills into Startup Success

Episode Summary: This week, host Mark Bayer sits down with Ginger Lockhart, Ph.D. founder of Quantfish, to delve into the world of startups and career transitions. Ginger shares her journey from tenured professor to successful entrepreneur, offering valuable insights for PhDs considering similar shifts. Discover how to leverage academic skills for startup success and overcome…

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Storytelling, Personal Brand Building and Following Your Passion with Tulani André

In this episode, I sit down with Tulani André, Vice President, Social Media at National Geographic, to discuss the power of storytelling, brand building, and following your passion in career transitions and professional success. [00:00:00] Introduction: Tulani André is an expert in creating successful social media campaigns and brand presences for major organizations. Tulani shares…

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From Stargazing to Podcasting: A Journey Through Astrophysics, E-Learning, and Entrepreneurship with Colin Gray, Ph.D.

In this episode, guest, Colin Gray, takes us on a fascinating journey through his unconventional career path, starting with his early passion for astrophysics and membership in the British Astronomical Society at the age of 12. We delve into his transition from space exploration to cyberspace, exploring the reasons that led him to discover his…

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