Data Science

Impact Investing with Jaishree Singh, MSPH

In this episode, Mark and his guest, Jaishree Singh, discuss a range of issues related to impact investing, including: How Jaishree got involved in this dynamic, meaningful field, and what sort of knowledge, skills, and abilities enable her to be effective in her work The evolution of impact investing, including how it got started and…

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From Microsoft to Open Data Manager in Local Government with David Doyle

David Doyle is the author of a new book, “Ask What You Can Do”, a valuable resource for anyone thinking about entering public service, particularly local government and especially if you’re a scientist, engineer, or technologist coming from the private sector.  David is a passionate believer in the power of data and technology to help…

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Transitioning into a Career in Data Science and AI with Abhijit Sanyal, PhD

  When shifting from academics to the corporate business world you, need to have a mindset shift that requires you to step out of the Ivory Tower and take a look around to see where else you can provide value. And in order to do that, Abhijit Sanyal says you have to first discover what…

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