The Power of Connection with Tony Bacigalupo and Jillian Benbow

In this week’s episode, two veteran community builders, Tony Bacigalupo and Jillian Benbow, share their insights and practical tips for connecting with others and creating community, both IRL and online.

We discuss a range of community-related topics, including: 

The focus and goals of Tony’s and Jillian’s new podcast called “The Community Experience”, which is part of SPI Media from Pat Flynn
As community-building experts, what attracts Tony and Jill to this type of work
The show’s emphasis on connection and the value of connectedness and why feelings of connection are so important
The difference between community and “audience”
One thing listeners can do to make the sometimes awkward experience of communicating with a new person – at a conference, before a meeting, at work – less uncomfortable situation, so the next time you’re in a place with lots of new faces (maybe even in gallery view), you’re better at reaching out
Resources mentioned in the episode: