Transitioning from an Academic Scientist to Industry with Vicky Sherwood, Ph.D.

This week’s episode features Dr. Vicky Sherwood, an expert medical writer producing a wide range of communications materials supporting scientific publications and events. She’s also a Ph.D. in molecular virology, a consultant with her own firm helping STEM researchers with resources to make informed decisions about their professional futures, and the famous “Biomed Badass” – a freelance blogger writing about career development for STEM researchers.
We discuss a range of topics such as:
Vicky’s professional journey from a Postdoctoral Fellow and Lecturer to an Expert Scientific Writer at a major multinational pharmaceutical company
Lessons Vicky learned along the way that could be instructive for listeners
Vicky’s current role – her focus and responsibilities
The transition to industry, and how she was able to navigate it successfully
Vicky’s popular online course for those interested in taking a professional journey similar to hers
Things she wishes she’d known during her time in academia before she set out on her career path to industry
What listeners contemplating such a path can do now to better prepare themselves for the trip

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