Transitioning from Lab Bench to Science Outreach and Training with Chanelle Case Borden, Ph.D.

This week’s episode features Chanelle Case Borden, Ph.D., Associate Director of Training at the National Cancer Institute within the National Institutes of Health. We discuss a range of career development and communication topics, including:

Chanelle’s scientific research in Molecular Biology and what she enjoyed during her Postdoc experience

What led her to decide to move into a Program Manager role at NIH

Aspects of how Chanelle managed her transition into the programming role that she thinks are broadly applicable and could be useful to listeners navigating their own career transitions

Details about Chanelle’s current role as Associate Director of Training Programs and what she enjoys about the position

With outreach a big part of Chanelle’s current role – she started the NCI Education and Outreach Program (EOP) to enhance STEM experiences for K-12 students in the greater Washington, D.C. area while empowering teachers to provide high-quality science education – information about EOP

Chanelle’s involvement in a high-impact, meaningful program linking cancer researchers to cancer patients  

Chanelle’s advice for listeners who may be interested in opportunities at NIH – either in training or employment


Resources mentioned in the episode

Education and Outreach Program

Cancer Patient-Research Program