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Pitch Perfect: Startup and Leadership Lessons with John Younger, MD

In this week’s episode, John Younger, MD, Vice President for Science and Technology at University City Science Center in Philadelphia, PA, shares his expert perspectives as a physician-scientist and...

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Innovation in Cell Therapy: The Perspective from Brazil with Hugo Cabrera

Hugo Cabrera is a biotech entrepreneur with a passion for research and development and innovation in the field of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) including cell therapy and tissue...

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PassioInventa : Integrating the Human Experience to Communicate Science with PhD Students Jason Baer, Daniel Chapman, and Blaide Woodburn

Whether it’s finding the cure for leukemia or saving the riches of coral reefs, there is a person behind every new discovery. PassioInventa provides a space where scientists can...

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Marketing, Messaging, and Making Sense of Data with Rebecca Sadwick

In this episode, Rebecca shares the perspective and approach that has made her so effective at driving growth for her clients. She discusses: How executives typically hear the mantra...

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#1 LinkedIn Voice for Finance & Global Economics, Author “Think for Yourself”, Vikram Mansharamani, PhD

Vikram Mansharamani, PhD is a globally recognized leader whose expertise includes detecting and describing trends before they emerge. He shows people how to anticipate the future, manage risk, and...

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Yves Behar, Daniel Zarem and fuseproject’s Entry for the COVENT-19 Challenge

The CoVent-19 Challenge The CoVent-19 Challenge is the creation of 13 anesthesiologists and advisors from Massachusetts General Hospital and the Boston-area who have come together to help overcome the...

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