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Critical-Thinking Benefits of Arts-Based Learning with Harvey Seifter

Harvey Seifter is Director and Principal Investigator at Art of Science Learning and the Founder and Managing Director of Creating Futures That Work. In this week’s episode, Mark and...

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Increasing Awareness of the Importance of Medical Research with Research!America’s CEO Mary Woolley and VP Jenny Luray

In this episode, Mark and his guests, Mary Woolley, President and CEO of Research!America, and Jenny Luray, Research!America’s Vice President of Strategy and Communications, discuss a range of topics...

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From Microsoft to Open Data Manager in Local Government with David Doyle

David Doyle is the author of a new book, “Ask What You Can Do”, a valuable resource for anyone thinking about entering public service, particularly local government and especially...

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Alternative Facts, Fake News and Scientists-For-Hire with Former OSHA Director David Michaels, PhD, MPH

David Michaels, PhD is an epidemiologist and professor at the George Washington University School of Public Health. He was Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health from...

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From Science Writer to Venture Capitalist and Biotech Startup Advisor with Steve Dickman

On this week’s episode, Mark’s guest is Steve Dickman, CEO of CBT Advisors, a strategic consultancy supporting the biotech industry.  Topics discussed during the episode include: How Steve made...

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Benefits of Lifelong Learning and How to Achieve Them with Jen Jortner Cassidy

In this week’s episode, Jen Jortner Cassidy, Senior Customer Success Manager at LinkedIN, shares her passion for lifelong learning and how listeners can reap the benefits of learning as...

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