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Science as a Startup with Nic DiPalma

This week’s episode features Nic DiPalma, founder and CEO of SpacetimeLabs, a creative agency for science. SpacetimeLabs develops advanced communications for science and research to connect with the public...

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A.I., Resilience, and the Art of Communicating Complexities with Prashant Natarajan

In this episode, Mark and his guest, Prashant Natajaran, Director of Data Sciences and Analytics at Unum, discuss a range of topics, including: What makes the U.S. unique and...

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Announcing Global Venture Catalyst, an Exciting New Entrepreneurial Education Project with Ihklaq Sidhu, PhD and Mike Grandinetti

In this episode, Ihklaq Sidhu, PhD and Mike Grandinetti share information about “Global Venture Catalyst”, a new hands-on, entrepreneurial education initiative they’re launching to provide 500 engineers, technical students,...

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Critical-Thinking Benefits of Arts-Based Learning with Harvey Seifter

Harvey Seifter is Director and Principal Investigator at Art of Science Learning and the Founder and Managing Director of Creating Futures That Work. In this week’s episode, Mark and...

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Increasing Awareness of the Importance of Medical Research with Research!America’s CEO Mary Woolley and VP Jenny Luray

In this episode, Mark and his guests, Mary Woolley, President and CEO of Research!America, and Jenny Luray, Research!America’s Vice President of Strategy and Communications, discuss a range of topics...

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From Microsoft to Open Data Manager in Local Government with David Doyle

David Doyle is the author of a new book, “Ask What You Can Do”, a valuable resource for anyone thinking about entering public service, particularly local government and especially...

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