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Transitioning from Lab Bench to Science Outreach and Training with Chanelle Case Borden, Ph.D.

This week’s episode features Chanelle Case Borden, Ph.D., Associate Director of Training at the National Cancer Institute within the National Institutes of Health. We discuss a range of career...

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Numbers Need a Narrative: How to Present Complex Information in Compelling, Accessible Ways with Olivia Bullock, Ph.D.

In this week’s episode featuring Olivia Bullock, Ph.D., Assistant Professor at George Washington University, we discuss a range of issues related to crafting effective communicaitons, including:  – Olivia’s communication...

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Science Communication: From Instagram and TikTok to Children’s Books and Beyond with Sarah Habibi, Ph.D.

This week’s epidsode features Sarah Habibi, Ph.D., an extraordinary science communicator who uses art and inventive experiments to convey scientific topics in fun, accessible ways. We discuss a range...

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Identifying and Improving Your Leadership Style Through Music with Paula S. White

This week’s episode features Paula S. White, author of Side B: Remix Your Leadership Style, who helps individuals unleash their natural skills and behaviors to bring their whole selves...

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Finding Your Power to Persuade with Trish Hall

Scientists are often encouraged to embrace the power of storytelling in writing or presentations, but how do you know which story to tell? Do you understand how to connect...

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Special Episode: Mark’s Commentary on How to Become a High-Impact Communicator

In this special episode, I share my thoughts on how you can quickly strengthen your communication skills – whether in spoken or written form. I discuss: – Lessons from...

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Introducing Science Shorts short video highlights from podcast episodes. Now available on the new When Science Speaks YouTube channel.

Full-length audio episodes of When Science Speaks now are accompanied by short videos – Science Shorts – that highlight the major take-aways and recommendations in episodes. You can check out Science Shorts on the podcast’s new Youtube channel.

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