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The Power of Connection with Tony Bacigalupo and Jillian Benbow

In this week’s episode, two veteran community builders, Tony Bacigalupo and Jillian Benbow, share their insights and practical tips for connecting with others and creating community, both IRL and...

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How to Succeed in a Difficult Conversation with Jaime Cohen

  On this week’s When Science Speaks podcast, I talk with Jaime Cohen, founder of The Right Words and an internationally-recognized speaker, communication coach, LinkedIn Learning author, and top...

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Navigating Career Transitions Effectively with Holly Falk-Krzesinski, Ph.D.

On this week’s episode (link in comments), Holly Falk-Krzesinski, Ph.D. shares her mindset and approach to career advancement, including topics such as: – How she moved forward from being...

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Commercializing Technology from Academia to the Marketplace with John Fraser

    In this week’s episode, John Fraser, President of Burnside Development & Associates, discusses academic technology transfer commercialization and start-up formation and financing as well as related topics...

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Transitioning from an Academic Scientist to Industry with Vicky Sherwood, Ph.D.

This week’s episode features Dr. Vicky Sherwood, an expert medical writer producing a wide range of communications materials supporting scientific publications and events. She’s also a Ph.D. in molecular...

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Synthetic Biology and Science Communication with Nadine Bongaerts-Duportet, Ph.D.

  This week’s episode features Dr. Nadine Bongaerts-Duportet, whose professional passion is discovering the possibilities of engineering life at the smallest scale and designing cells with new functions. We...

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