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An Inside Look at Science Policy at the Federal and State Level with Donna Gerardi Riordan

This week’s episode features Donna Gerardi Riordan, a nonprofit leader and innovator with more than three decades of experience bridging the gap between science and policy at the national...

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The Career Benefits of Becoming a Strong Science Communicator

On this week’s episode, I speak with Martin Zaumanis, Ph.D., a scientist-project manager at Empa, an interdisciplinary research institute in Zurich, Switzerland that conducts cutting-edge materials and technology research. ...

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Effective, Memorable Communication with New York Times Best-Selling Author Michael Port

This week’s guest is Michael Port, best-selling author, actor, and co-founder of Heroic Public Speaking. We discuss a range of communication and career topics, such as: – How to...

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How to Excel in Leadership Roles Using Skilled Communication Strategies and Techniques with Gwen Acton, Ph.D.

On this week’s episode, Gwen Acton, Ph.D. shares insights and stories from her long career in science, communication, and leadership, including: – How even short, encouraging recognition of excellent...

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Storytelling Across the World Using Visuals with Peter Barker

In this week’s episode, Peter Barker, director of Orinoco Communications, a digital communications and content creation agency that combines storytelling and strategy to give research the reach it deserves,...

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Bringing World-Changing Initiatives to Life with Kumar Garg

In this week’s episode, Kumar Garg, Vice President, Partnerships at Schmidt Futures, discusses how to bring your science to life through crisp descriptions, engaging visuals, and related communication techniques....

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That’s right – our evidence-powered podcast helping scientists, engineers, and technical professionals now has it’s very own Youtube channel.

Each episode has 2-3 ‘Science Shorts’ -give you some easy-to-digest science in under 5 minutes!

Here are some highlights

Joe Shrand, MD
Outsmarting Anger
Dorie Clark
Why she wrote “The Long Game”
Susanna Katsmann
Self-Limiting Beliefs
Seema Yasmin, M.D
Epidemics and Infogemics

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