Art History, Engineering, and Entrepreneurship with Peter Cohan


In today’s episode, management consultant, professor, angel investor, columnist, and book author Peter Cohan joins Mark to discuss a range of interesting topics, including:

How he developed his dual interests in art and engineering and whether he sees them as disparate or complementary interests

Whether the experience of having a business in his family contributed to his interest in business and ultimately his career choice

As a longtime advisor to business leaders – and a lecturer in business strategy – some of the key leadership traits Peter sees in his clients who are effective leaders and also teaches to his students, as well as common leadership blindspots

Keys to resilience that listeners should keep in mind these days, which also were featured in Peter’s column in Inc. Magazine.

As a highly-visible writer, commentator, and communicator for many years while also having academic training in technical fields – engineering and computer science – what advice Peter has for engineers who want to strengthen their ability to communicate with non-engineers, particularly when it comes to writing for general audiences

Peter’s recommendations for books, training, or conferences that could provide useful information or insights for listeners wanting to learn more about the start-up ecosystem

Note: Peter is the author of the just-released book, “Goliath Strikes Back – How Traditional Retailers Are Winning Back Customers From E-Commerce Startups”,

7. How has COVID-19 has impacted his teaching and how it could affect it in the future.


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