Bringing World-Changing Initiatives to Life with Kumar Garg

In this week’s episode, Kumar Garg, Vice President, Partnerships at Schmidt Futures, discusses how to bring your science to life through crisp descriptions, engaging visuals, and related communication techniques. We discuss:

– How Kumar’s first job out of college (deputy communication manager on presidential candidate Howard Dean’s campaign in New Hampshire) taught him about the value and principles of strong communications

– Lessons from Kumar’s earlier experiences in communications that were particularly useful as he helped shape science and technology policy priorities for the Obama Administration for nearly 8 years in the White House

– Some of the common disconnects, in terms of lack of understanding, different ways of communicating, misperceptions, etc., Kumar noticed as he interacted with scientists at the highest levels

– Effective remedies for bridging communications gaps, whether through recalibrating communications or by other means

– Kumar’s current work at Schmidt Futures in the middle of many major science and policy issues, now from a different vantage point

– Advice Kumar has for listeners thinking about a career in science policy but who are unsure where and how to start

– As Kumar worked with scientists during his time in the White House and now at Schmidt Futures, particular skills and attributes he’s found certain scientists possess that set them apart – help them be more effective – in the policymaking world

– As Kumar looks towards the future, what emerging trends he sees (or would like to see and is working to advance) in terms of scientists getting involved in policymaking or in the communication of scientific information to general audiences

Resources mentioned in the episode

Schmidt Futures

Dorie Clark

White House Office of Science and Technology Policy