“Living Brave” Leadership with Performance Coach Guy Bloom

In this special episode, executive coach, team effectiveness consultant, author, and podcast host Guy Bloom explains his “Living Brave” approach, talks about his new book “Living Brave Leadership” and related performance topics such as: What’s “Living Brave” leadership and how it can strengthen your own leadership muscles How Guy went from a 4-time martial arts…

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“Connect Before You Communicate” with Start-Up Founder Jenny Ro, PhD

This episode features Jenny Ro, Ph.D., who’s had a fascinating career journey so far. While a college student, Jenny worked with four companies, including Proctor & Gamble, and commercialized her own invention without a patent. During our conversation, Jenny describes being mentored by “Super Connectors” and learning how to build human relationships to solve problems….

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Impact Investing with Jaishree Singh, MSPH

In this episode, Mark and his guest, Jaishree Singh, discuss a range of issues related to impact investing, including: How Jaishree got involved in this dynamic, meaningful field, and what sort of knowledge, skills, and abilities enable her to be effective in her work The evolution of impact investing, including how it got started and…

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