The Power of Connection with Tony Bacigalupo and Jillian Benbow

In this week’s episode, two veteran community builders, Tony Bacigalupo and Jillian Benbow, share their insights and practical tips for connecting with others and creating community, both IRL and online. We discuss a range of community-related topics, including:  The focus and goals of Tony’s and Jillian’s new podcast called “The Community Experience”, which is part…

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How to Succeed in a Difficult Conversation with Jaime Cohen

  On this week’s When Science Speaks podcast, I talk with Jaime Cohen, founder of The Right Words and an internationally-recognized speaker, communication coach, LinkedIn Learning author, and top LinkedIn creator, whose communication-focused content has amassed millions of views.  We discuss how to strengthen communication skills to achieve your goals and related topics such as:…

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Impact Investing with Jaishree Singh, MSPH

In this episode, Mark and his guest, Jaishree Singh, discuss a range of issues related to impact investing, including: How Jaishree got involved in this dynamic, meaningful field, and what sort of knowledge, skills, and abilities enable her to be effective in her work The evolution of impact investing, including how it got started and…

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Communicating Life Sciences Using Visuals with Frank and Emilia Metzel

  Frank and Emilia Metzel lead a company called Life Science Animation in Krakow, Poland that explains science with animated videos, helping get the message across, spark interest of potential investors or educate the general public. As many life science companies struggle to explain their science to non-scientists, Life Science Animation aims to help by…

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Keys to Launching a Successful Startup with Lorraine Marchand

  Mark Bayer: [00:00:39] Hey, everyone. This is Mark Bayer. And thanks so much for tuning in to this week’s episode of When Science Speaks. Today’s episode is brought to you by Bayer Strategic Consulting in Washington, D.C., which helps scientists and engineers get funding, gain influence and build relationships with the stakeholders who matter…

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