Career Development Advice for Academics Looking to Get Promoted or Find Meaningful New Jobs with Tory Wobber, Ph.D.

This episode of the show features Victoria (Tory) Wobber, Ph.D., President of Victoria Wobber Coaching and Consulitng , a Harvard-trained evolutionary biologist and former data scientist and people manager at Facebook and Google.

In this episode, we discuss an array of career development issues, including:

– Did Tory have mentors, teachers or family members during her early years in school who influenced or nurtured her interest in science

– What sparked Tory’s interest in evolutionary biology and how Tory describes the field to someone unfamiliar with it

– With Tory going to work as a data scientist at Facebook after earning her Ph.D., why Tory believes a Ph.D. program is good training for work in data science, including knowledge, skills, and attributes helpful for being successful in data science

– What it was like to work at Facebook back in the early twenty teens?

– Working at Google after Facebook, what Tory liked about the high-tech culture and what was lacking from her perspective

– Now empowering tech leaders and Ph.Ds to capitalize on their unique skills to propel their careers to the next level. details about Tory’s consulting business, including  how she helps her clients and the types of clients she’s worked with so listeners can get a sense of whether they may be a good fit to work with Tory

Resources mentioned in the episode

Victoria Wobber Coaching and Consulting