Commercializing Technology from Academia to the Marketplace with John Fraser

In this week’s episode, John Fraser, President of Burnside Development & Associates, discusses academic technology transfer commercialization and start-up formation and financing as well as related topics such as:
– The economic impact of academic-licensed products and misconceptions – and even complete blind spots – many people have about university-based research
– Common qualities or expertise successful founders have, and those traits that John’s seen again and again that tend to doom a startup
– For university-based researchers listening interested in entrepreneurship and launching or joining a startup, the types of training and experiences they should out
– For university-based scientists either making the transition to industry or getting active in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, some of the mindset shifts necessary to be successful in the business environment
– What researchers in universities should know BEFORE they decide to make the leap to translational research and commercialization activities
– Key strategic and tactical steps that should be taken – and which missteps avoided – when a university decides to make commercialization activities more prominent on its campus

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