Communicating the Science of Fitness and Health with Ronan Diego de Oliveira

This week’s episode features world-reknown fitness trainer and author Ronan Diego de Oliveira.

We discuss a range of topics related to Ronan’s approach to developing, describing, and teaching innovative fitness programs, including:

– The science upon which Ronan’s 10X fitness program is based, the way he’s able to explain scientific concepts with clarity and enthusiasm, and, in his opinion, what makes a good teacher

– The science behind 10X

– The way Ronan explains the science and nutrition in the program and how he decides what to include, what to leave out, and how to express the concepts and elements of the program such as fitness, nutrition and sleep

– Ronan’s fitness journey so far and also the philosophy he shares in the online programs and speeches he delivers

– Ronan’s recent program called the 10K Challenge, details about the program, and some of the common misperceptions people have about the value of walking vs. running

– With many of us feel pressed for time and exercise often squeezed out of our daily routine, some time-efficient things we can do to improve our overall health?

– Ronan’s 1 piece of advice for listeners they could apply right away that could get them on a path to a more healthy future

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10X Fitness Program

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