Data Science, Bilingualism, and Science Communication with Fabricio Costa, Ph.D.

This week’s episode of When Science Speaks features academic, entrepreneur and data scientist Fabricio Costa, Ph.D.. We discuss a range of topics, including:

– How Fabricio has navigated his diverse, multinational career path

– As a bilingual scientist (Portuguese native speaker and English speaker) with extensive experience in industry, how Fabricio serves as a “linguistic bridge” between the scientific and technical team and the business development, business intelligence, and related staff who may not have scientific training

– What Fabricio sees are some of the common pitfalls he’s observed scientists falling into when they communicate their work to business audiences or the public

– How Fabricio found his way into the data science field and how others with an interest in data science might break into the industry

– Fabricio’s current role at the data science company Modak, and how long Modak has been around, its mission and market, and how Fabricio is helping to accelerate the company’s growth

– Information about one of Modak’s areas of focus – “data fabric” – what it is and how it is different than traditional data architecture

– Looking ahead from January of 2023, when AI and Machine Learning are becoming more commonly used and understood, to an extent, by the general public, at least in the U.S., what predictions Fabricio has regarding AI and Machine Learning moving forward

Resources mentioned in the episode

Modak Analytics

Current Openings at Modak