Driving and Funding Innovation in Biotech with Orange Grove Bio CEO Marc Appel


In this week’s episode, Mark and Marc discuss innovation in the life sciences industry, including the recent launch of Orange Grove’s portfolio company, Asalyxa Bio. Topics include:

Remdesivir and Marc’s view on this experimental medicine for combatting effects of COVID-19

Why Marc decided to focus his professional life on funding innovations in health care and what led him to concentrate there

With Marc’s expertise in analyzing and putting together deals, what role the ability for founders and executives to craft compelling, accessible narratives about the value of their products plays in their ultimate success

Examples when Marc felt a particularly engaging pitch propelled a medicine forward to success while perhaps a medicine that was at least as innovative if not more stumbled and failed because of ineffective messaging about its benefits

With global teams racing to develop a COVID-19 vaccine, how Marc sees the deal or investment community responding

As an entrepreneur and health care investor, what Marc considers the most important thing entrepreneurs should be doing right now to position themselves for success despite the economic turbulence

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