Entrepreneurship from Brazil to the White House with Fabricio F. Costa, PhD



Fabricio F. Costa, PhD is a science and technology expert, seasoned business strategist, and serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in top academic labs and companies including Harvard University, Northwestern University, Google, Apple, and others.

On this episode of When Science Speaks, Mark and Fabricio discuss a range of topics, including:

How Fabrizio developed his interest both in startups and also in his field of speciality, life sciences

As a consultant, the common red flags Fabricio sees when he’s advising companies that can cause organizational underperformance

When Fabrico served as CEO of DataGenno, what it was like to be  selected to present at a ceremony at the White House and what he learned from the experience

Fabricio’s perspectives on the importance of science communication

As a native of Brazil who has spent many years in the U.S. working and studying, Fabricio shared lessons he’s learned and insights he’s gained as part of his cross-cultural engagements

Fabricio’s various career transitions – going from PhD program to postdoc to starting companies – and the kinds of activities he  participated in while in school and as a trainee to help position himself after graduation for his career choice

How Brazil – and Fabricio’s own family – have suffered from the spread of COVID-19

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