From Economics to Life Sciences: An Unconventional Path to Academia and Beyond with Ali Divan, Ph.D.

Main Topic Time Stamps:

[00:02:28] Music and science connection. 

[00:04:23] Journey to PhD. [00:09:49]

Lyme disease treatment exploration. [00:12:38]

Modeling neurologic Lyme disease.

[00:14:06] Lyme disease and animal studies.

[00:19:09] Mountains and their significance.

[00:20:51] Overcoming obstacles and pivoting.


In this episode featuring Ali Divan, Ph.D., Ali talks about his career journey and why he decided to pursue a Ph.D.

Now the founder and principal of his own firm, Trulitica, Ali specializes in providing technical due diligence services to investors in the life science industry. His aim is to ensure that investors allocate their funds to companies with genuine technology and a significant impact on human health. By carefully examining the milestones and claims made by startups, Ali speaker assesses their technical feasibility and truthfulness. Through his comprehensive technical due diligence, Ali strives to empower investors to make informed decisions and avoid investing in companies solely focused on generating hype and seeking acquisition, rather than creating meaningful contributions to human health.

Ali’s ultimate goal is to collaborate with strong founders and innovative technology to make a lasting impact and contribute to successful product launches that foster camaraderie and teamwork within the team.

He expresses his desire to be involved in several product launches where he witnesses the creation of meaningful products for the market. Ali firmly believes that by working alongside determined founders and leveraging cutting-edge technology, he can achieve this objective.

Furthermore, he highlights how successful product launches can cultivate a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among the individuals involved. Overall, Ali’s aspiration is to contribute to the success of product launches and cultivate a positive work environment.

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