Supporting Scientists as Startup Founders with Matt Krisiloff

In this week’s episode, Matt Krisiloff, CEO of Conception, a company working to turn pluripotent stem cells into viable human eggs, talks about SciFounders, which he started with partners Lucas Harrington and Alexander Schubert to help technical founders launch companies. Topics discussed include: – Why Scifounders decided to focus on technical founders – Why Matt…

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Keys to Effective Translational Research with Mike Fenn, PhD

  On this episode, Mark discusses a range of translational research issues with the Director of Healthcare & Life Sciences at Harvard Innovation Labs, including: What led Mike to focus on life science virtually from the start of his professional career. From Mike’s perspective, what do all successful startups have in common, and what are…

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Communicating Life Sciences Using Visuals with Frank and Emilia Metzel

  Frank and Emilia Metzel lead a company called Life Science Animation in Krakow, Poland that explains science with animated videos, helping get the message across, spark interest of potential investors or educate the general public. As many life science companies struggle to explain their science to non-scientists, Life Science Animation aims to help by…

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