How Art and Curiosity Can Fuel Innovative Thinking with Dasanj Aberdeen

In this week’s episode featuring Dasanj Aberdeen, a digital product leader and innovation consultant, we discuss a range of issues related to creativity, artistry, and how to consisely present complex issues, including:

Dasanj’s background as a self-described “immigrant and global citizen” who embodies “a cross-cultural, cross-geographical perspective” and how it informs her work

The benefits of this outlook, and how Dasanj recommends others without a similar personal background or life experience adopt and apply such an approach to their work

How Dasanj manages the challenge of distilling complex problems down to a one-page visual representation – a superpower of hers – and the types of information she typically wants to ensure get onto that page and get left behind

With art a core part of Dasanj’s life, the origins of her interest in art and the interplay between her art and leadership in business

As an innovation consultant – and with the term “innovation” thrown around a lot and perhaps over-used in describing new products and services – what innovation means to Dasanj and how she helps her clients craft truly innovative initiatives

As someone whose been in the innovation and technology space for a long time, what recommendations Dasanj has for listeners who may be interested in getting involved in new product development or startups