Integrating Physical Activity into Busy Lives with Dr. Amy Bantham

In this episode, host Mark Bayer welcomes Dr. Amy Bantham, CEO and founder of Move to Live More, to discuss practical ways to incorporate physical activity into our hectic lives.
The episodes touches on:
  • The biochemical benefits of exercise
  • Strategies to maintain fitness habits
  • The updated Physical Activity Guidelines, which include the benefits achieved by even one minute of exercise
Dr. Bantham shares her experiences balancing a demanding career and family responsibilities and provides insights into how public health policies are evolving to promote proactive health measures.
She introduces her new book, ‘Move to Live More,’ a guide for parents and caregivers to help their children stay active and healthy.
Here’s where you can find the topics covered in this week’s episode:
00:00 Introduction and Sponsor Message
00:32 Guest Introduction: Dr. Amy Bantham
01:45 Balancing Health and Busy Lives
04:17 The Science of Physical Activity
09:01 Making Exercise a Habit
13:24 Public Policy and Health Advocacy
16:21 New Book: Move to Live More
19:09 Conclusion and Farewell
Resources mentioned in the episode
Move to Live More, by Amy Bantham, DrPH