Navigating Career Transitions Effectively with Holly Falk-Krzesinski, Ph.D.

On this week’s episode (link in comments), Holly Falk-Krzesinski, Ph.D. shares her mindset and approach to career advancement, including topics such as:

– How she moved forward from being the first in her family to graduate college (and grad school), to her college experience and extended internship in industry, and then grad school where she earned her PhD

– What Holly thinks were the key attributes or attitudes she had during this journey that made her successful and the greatest challenges she overcame

– The career transitions Holly made from Postdoc to Non-tenure Faculty to Research Development Professional and then to broader initiatives such as founding a national organization for research development professionals, serving as Editor-in-Chief at AWIS Magazine – Association for Women in Science – and further stops down the road to her current position at Elsevier

– How Holly was able to navigate the often difficult maneuver of transitions so successfully 

– What Holly means by “service leadership”, the term she uses to describe her leadership style, and why she thinks it’s effective and fulfilling

– How Holly views the interrelation between the set of critical-thinking and scientific discovery skills in Ph.D. training and her work at the bench during her PhD., and how she puts these same skills she learned in academia into the various roles throughout your career to date

– What Holly calls her “Rocket Fuel for Success”

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