Pathogens, Public Health, and the Pandemic with Iain MacLeod, Ph.D.

In this week’s episode, Iain MacLeod Ph.D., co-founder, CEO and Chief Science Officer of Aldatu Biosciences, joins Mark in discussing a range of issues related to virology and public health – and why we can’t “vaccinate our way out of the pandemic”.

Topics include:

  • How Iain became interested in pathology and virology
  • What motivated Iain to get his law degree and how it informs his work and professional perspective
  • What led Iain to co-found Aldatu Biosciences and his priority projects there right now
  • Iain’s February 2021 article in StatNews in which he makes a point that may startle – and likely disappoint – readers, writing: “We can’t vaccinate our way out of this pandemic. And the myopic focus on achieving herd immunity through mass vaccination may even make it tougher for America — and the world — to defeat Covid-19.” 
  • The need to strengthen the U.S. public health infrastructure and how Iain would prioritize the improvements

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