Revitalizing Your Life, Accelerating Your Career with Jordan Harbinger

In this week’s episode, Jordan Harbinger, host of one of the most downloaded podcasts, the Jordan Harbinger Show, and developer of one of the leading self-development programs in the world, shares key insights on relationship-building, the value of social capital, and related topics, such as:

The difference between “networking” and “relationship-building”

What he means by “Digging the Well Before You’re Thirsty”, a principle in his relationship-building system, and how to do it effectively

Relationship-building during COVID and specific ways to authentically connect in the absence of in-person meetings

The takeaways from his article “The Big Mistake People Make About Networking”, how it prevents people from relationship-building before they even start, and how to overcome it

Relationship-building strategies that are proven, powerful, and time-efficient, so they can fit into an already-overstretched life

Resources mentioned in the episode

The Jordan Harbinger Show

Free 6-Minute Networking Course