Startups and the Transition from Academia to Entrepreneurship with Ricky Patel, Ph.D.

This episode of the “When Science Speaks” podcast features Ricky Patel, Ph.D., founder and CEO of Point Science Analytics, a startup that simplifies biotech information for investors and consultants. Point Science Analytics aims to filter and curate for investors and consultants in biotech, energy, and new space industries all the information they need to make informed decisions, revolutionizing due diligence in these industries.

During the interview, I refer to Ricky as a “purple unicorn” due to his ability to communicate complex scientific information to a general audience and also thrive in a science-focused environment. We discuss how being bilingual and being the first in his family to go to college helped Ricky become an effective communicator.

Key points discussed in the episode:

  • Ricky realized the need for a scalable platform when working with multiple clients who required due diligence reports on biotech companies.
  • The AI platform Ricky is developing with Point Science Analytics scrapes company websites, LinkedIn, Crunchbase, media releases, etc., and curates the information into one document for the user to access easily.
  • Ricky emphasizes the importance of discipline and the ability to work alone without motivation, a skill honed during a Ph.D.
  • Other transferrable skills from the Ph.D. include analytical reasoning, information extraction, and research skills.
  • Ricky plans to expand the platform to include the energy and new space industries, which are expected to be worth trillions of dollars by 2030.
  • The platform aims to give investors and consultants all the information they need to make informed decisions without having to hire a Ph.D. analyst.

Ricky earned his PhD in clinical neuroscience from King’s College London, and his experience in academia includes working on ALS and dementia. He left academia due to life events that led him to focus on mental health and childhood traumas.

Resources mentioned in the episode

Ricky Patel, Ph.D.

Point Science Analytics

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