Science in the Service of Skin Care with Alessandra Zonari, Ph.D. (+ Special Offer for Listeners)

This week’s episode features Alessandra Zonari, Ph.D., Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of ONE SKIN, an innovative skincare company that addresses skin health at the molecular level, targeting the root causes of aging so skin functions, feels, and looks younger.  Listeners get a special offer when they go to  Enter SCIENCE15 to get a…

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From Science Writer to Venture Capitalist and Biotech Startup Advisor with Steve Dickman

  On this week’s episode, Mark’s guest is Steve Dickman, CEO of CBT Advisors, a strategic consultancy supporting the biotech industry.  Topics discussed during the episode include: How Steve made the transition from working at Science and at  Nature – where he founded and ran the first Nature news bureau in Germany, among other responsibilities…

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Pitch Perfect: Startup and Leadership Lessons with John Younger, MD

  In this week’s episode, John Younger, MD, Vice President for Science and Technology at University City Science Center in Philadelphia, PA, shares his expert perspectives as a physician-scientist and biotech entrepreneur. Drawing upon his unique blend of skills and experience, John discusses: The main ingredients of a winning pitch from startups to potential investors…

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