Successful Biotech Entrepreneur and Science Explainer-in-Chief with Brad Thompson, Ph.D.

As a PhD scientist and inventor, Brad has an extraordinary ability to effectively translate complex scientific topics into engaging language accessible to general audiences.

On this week’s episode we discuss:

How Brad developed this unusual dual ability and how his experience with the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) sharpened his science “explainer” skills.   

How Brad uses that “translator” skill in his role as CEO and as an investor

Why it’s so challenging for many scientists to distill and clearly communicate their research in ways that resonate with non-experts

What advice Brad has for listeners who want to sharpen their communication skills

Brad’s longstanding leadership in the biotech space for more than 30 years and his perspectives on how the industry has evolved since the early days when he was starting out in the industry

What advice Brad has for listeners who may be conducting research in an academic setting right now but are interested in a career in biotech

How can scientists, experts, and others who want to set the record straight can counter the flood of falsehood and deception around COVID

If you could give one piece of advice to his younger self starting out in his career after getting the PhD, what would it be

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