How Curiosity and Critical Thinking Can Help Fuel Your Career with Patrick Mullane, M.B.A.

This week’s episode of the show features Patrick Mullane, Executive Director of Harvard Business School Online and Executive Education and author of book “The Father, Son, and Holy Shuttle: Growing Up an Astronaut’s Kid in the Glorious 80s”. We talk about a range of topics related to career development and the power of curiosity and…

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Critical-Thinking Benefits of Arts-Based Learning with Harvey Seifter

Harvey Seifter is Director and Principal Investigator at Art of Science Learning and the Founder and Managing Director at Creating Futures That Work. In this week’s episode, Mark and Harvey discuss a range of topics related to how the arts can spark creativity in science education and the development of an innovative 21st Century STEM…

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Demystifying Stem Cells, with Dr. Geoff Hunt – Ep #55

The topic of stem cells can elicit a variety of responses from controversy to indifference. These widely misunderstood cells are usually thought to be the product of infants or something taken from the fetuses. The fact is that these amazing cells are a part of all of us, and could possibly lead to great advances…

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