Critical-Thinking Benefits of Arts-Based Learning with Harvey Seifter

Harvey Seifter is Director and Principal Investigator at Art of Science Learning and the Founder and Managing Director at Creating Futures That Work.

In this week’s episode, Mark and Harvey discuss a range of topics related to how the arts can spark creativity in science education and the development of an innovative 21st Century STEM workforce, including:

  • The investigative nature of science and the arts and the potential of ABL to foster passion for exploration and discovery in young learners.
  • What first led Harvey to the hypothesis that incorporating arts-based learning could spark interest in science, spur innovation, and encourage collaboration in adults
  • What Harvey’s work found in terms of how the integration of ABL into science education can spur greater interest in the study of science and inspire students to want to learn more about, and potential pursue, careers in STEM fields
  • Whether his work includes in its scope what may be happening neurologically to trigger this behavior, and if he has any theories at this point
  • Details about the symposia and roundtables he’s held at places like the Smithsonian, Illinois Institute of Technology, and California Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technology
  • What fascinates him about his work
  • What are the implications, in his view, of the connection between ABL and innovation
  • Is art – which appeals to perhaps a different dimension than fact – an example of connection with students through emotion

Resources mentioned in the episode

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