Crafting Compelling Narratives: A Deep Dive into Atomic Storytelling Techniques with Chris Hare

On this episode of When Science Speaks, host by Mark Bayer dives into the world of storytelling with guest Chris Hare, exploring the impact and importance of a high-impact storytelling approach Chris has developed and used with his clients called “Atomic Storytelling.” Episode Highlights: The Quest for Effective Storytelling: Mark and Chris kick off the…

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3 Keys to telling high-impact stories that advance your agenda (+ 1 trap to avoid at all costs) with Host Mark Bayer

In this special episode, I’m going to share valuable insights on crafting impactful stories that captivate listeners and achieve the results you’re seeking.  Sponsor Message: This episode of When Science Speaks is sponsored by OneSkin, a company led by PhD scientists committed to revolutionizing skin aging. OneSkin has patented the first peptide (protein building block) that…

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Storytelling Across the World Using Visuals with Peter Barker

In this week’s episode, Peter Barker, director of Orinoco Communications, a digital communications and content creation agency that combines storytelling and strategy to give research the reach it deserves, discusses key topics of storytelling, including: How developing communications in the visual, aural, and text media are similar similar and different How his perspective and experience…

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